Hobnob - Outlaw Rock'n'Roll

Project from Bisson (Steelcapped strength/Enhärjarna) which was released back in 2006. If you have read the tracklist then you already know that this is nothing like Steelcapped strength or Enhärjarna. People who appreciate this kind of music are saying that this one is quite good. We seriously doubt that.

1. Ghost hour

2. Forgiveness

3. Rockabilly fever

4. G-String

5. Rock 'n' Roll

6. New millenium pin-ups

7. Roadmaster

8. Out in the cold

9. Drinking time

10. Who's that cadillac

11. Unemployment Rock 'n' Roll

12. Rebel

13. Don't mess with us

14. Camp blood

15. Hobnob mansion 

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