Dr Martins – Legado sulista

Good, solid Oi! by the southern Brazilian band. Hard Oi! / skinhead rock, which still somewhat has of the typical Brazilian sound, but the big difference is that the recording is a lot better than on most other releases, giving the band's sound a lot more power and aggression. No singalong melodic stuff. The lyrics mainly deal with the love of their city and homestate, and the skinhead way of life. Nice big glossy booklet.


01.Pampa livre 

02.Porto Alegre é nossa 

03.Sangue operario 

04.Lealdade ao RS 

05.Woodstock nao é aqui 

06.Foda-se a S.H.A.R.P. 

07.Vandalos do metro 

08.Slava - Andarilhos  

09.Rock careca 

10.Marcas de Caim 

11.Mulher sulista 

12.Bons tempos


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