ZURZIR - TRISKEL - The same blood the same race


Split CD between Zurzir from Brazil and Triskel from Chile. Zurzir is an old RAC who have been going since the 90's already. There sound has however changed quite a bit. Instead of their old RAC sound, they have now embraced a much heavier metal-RAC style, but it works well for them. The recording quality has much improved. Triskel play a very similar style of metal-RAC. Pretty decent album if you love your music heavier and with lots of guitar. The booklet features all lyrics and a photo of each band.


01. América sul 

02. Rudolf Hess 

03. Orgulho ancestral 

04. Presente, futuro e final  

05. Vikings 

06. Rumo ao Valhalla


07. Hiperborea 

08. Unidos por la sangre 

09. Anticapital 

10. En pie de guerra  


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