Volkstroi - Die Rote - (with cardboard-box)

 The old warriors from VOLKSTROI have returned to a recording studio after a long time of rehearsals and are now finishing their "S/W/R" trilogy after almost 3 decades. Ever since their beginnings The gentlemen never put themselves in a box and so they go their final way without wanting to conform to common expectations. The musicians deliver us a very idiosyncratic and stylistically outstanding album, which knows how to challenge the listener here and there. Thematically, the songs move in an area that, with the exception of “Red Dragon”, can be described as consistently timeless. Thoughts and perspectives are presented with full force in the typical Volkstroi way and towards the end it becomes extremely emotional again, as we had to cope with two severe blows of fate in a very short space of time. The farewell album is of course released in a piercing RED. Each CD comes with a cardboard slipcase that holds all 3 official CDs! If gone, then gone

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1. Anfang
2. Der Wanderer
3. Marsch, Marsch
4. Wahrheit
5. Die Letzte Nacht
6. Roter Drache
7. Der Pöbel
8. Freund/Feind
9. Aufstehen
10. Pein Und Hiebe
11. Das Monster
12. Ruf Der Freiheit / Warum

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