True aggression - 14 dunkeldeutsche Kurzgeschichten (digi)

2017: Published by Oldschool Records / She is back! The true aggression! After the band made their great debut at the beginning of the year and then brought your dancing leg to life several times live, it beats our second album around here. Strange but true! Over 44 minutes, the finest, punk asses are distributed and the whole thing a whole spit heartier and snottier than before. Lyrically a bit more aggressive, but still in the typical style of its predecessor. Again, both friends of the old school, as well as lovers of contemporary rock music are served well. The first 666 pieces come in a groovy "Digibuch", with 32 (!) Page booklet including texts, as well as all sorts of photos and pictures. Ran to the rolls!

01. Einklang
02. Fatal Error
03. Schuldig
04. Rising Sun
05. Schützt Unsere Kinder!
06. Baut Dämme Und Deiche!
07. Glaub Mir
08. Hate Reloaded
09. Sprachrohr Des Systems
10. Der Schulzeffekt
11. Ich Hab Mich Ergeben
12. Stay True!
13. Alte Schule, Alte Liede
14. Stolz Und Stil
15. Unser Weg

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