Libertin - Vom gedanken zur tat

A new band from the west of Germany bringing political rock with a hefty dose of hardcore influences, lots of breakdowns, tempo changes and moshy parts. Rock and hardcore parts constantly alternate. Instead of the low, gruff vocals of most German bands, the vocals here are often rather high-pitched, but again with a lot of variation overall.

1. Wir Sind Das Volk

2. GNLS 

3. Mord In Stolberg

4. Marionettenlied 

5. Wehrwolf 

6. Klagt Nicht

7. Verpiss Dich 

8. Lebenskraft 

9. Jetzt 

10. Libertin 

11. Can´t You See? 

12. Todesstrafe 

13. Hey Ho [Ausklang]


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