Leidenfrost - Suizid

2011: Leidenfrost, a young band from southern Germany make their debut here with this album. Musically, the whole thing can be described as a mix between RAC, metal and black metal. Musically it sometimes reminds a little bit of absurd. Lyrically one comes up with songs like Ahnenstolz, Konrad von Marburg, Vidar, Spreu und Weizen. This work contains a total of 8 titles and of course beautifully packaged in a 12-page insert. Friends of the harder tones should definitely give this a listen. It's really more than okay for a debut. The CD is limited to 666 units and is hand-numbered. >>> quote label

01. Ahnenstolz

02. Werdegang

03. Konrad von Marburg

04. Vidar

05. Leidenfrost

06. The Way it Ends

07. Spreu und Weizen

08. Abschied

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