Front 776 - 14.07.1976 (Digi) 2022

A lot of time has passed, but now the musical heads of the

former band Blitzkrieg reunited and after which a well-known "screamer" joined in ... the wild rehearsal began. We are happy to present the result of their hard work, the new band: FRONT 776!

The experienced gentlemen deliver with this album, in the tradition of Blitzkrieg ,rousing rechtsrock, melodic, powerful and fast, with lyrics that make no secret of their disposition. Whether with current topics, or the deep emotional glimpses into the past (with goosebumps guarantee), you can feel the fighting strength, the anger and also the love for our kind. But besides the professional music, the modern sound and the fat production it is also the singer's independent voice, which knows how to put such a positive stamp on the overall impression.

Conceptually, this 63-minute record, with 14 tracks, is divided into 2 sections. The first part consists of your own songs, in the second part you have used old poetry and put it in a new musical guise. Anyone who has celebrated the Blitzkrieg style will hardly be able to avoid this CD

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