Festung Europa - Historical resistance music

With this cd will you get the chance to take a walk down the memory lane and hear how the resistance sounded in the different European countries who took to arms against the red beast.

1. Horst wessel marsch (Germany)

2. Das westwall lied (Germany)

3. Leon degrelle´s rexist hymn (Walloon)

4. Hold fanen højt (Horst Wessel Danish)

5. Finnish S? potpourri (Finland)

6. Mustapaitojen (March of Fin.Blackshirts)

7. Asevoikka Fin. Ích hatt ein kameraden)

8. Vi kjemper (Norwegian NS)

9. Hirdsången (From initiation of ?? Nordland)

10. At marsjen (Norwegian labour service)

11. Kamarati na straz (Slovak Hlinka guard)

12. Verchovina (Slovakia)

13. Lili Marleen (Italy)

14. Vincere (Italy)

15. Cantate dei legionari (Italy)

16. Imnul tineretii legionare (Roumanian Iron guard)

17. La lupta muncitori (Roumanian Iron guard)

18. Britain awake (Brithis union fascists

19. Mosley speaks to Brithis blackshirts (England)

20. Comrades the vocie (Brithis Horst Wessel)

21. Germany calling (William Joyce´s last British NS broadcast)

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