Faustrecht - Strassensocializten

Long time rocking german skinheads band Faustrecht finally with a brand new album! True to their own style of german wp-rock with their little bit left sided lyrics(no-no dont get us wrong they are 100% nationalists) they cement themselfs as one of the leading and best german bands! They go their own way and the way they walk have deep marks from their boots!

The album features 11 songs, including 3 in English.



1. Wenn herrscher zu knechten werden
2. Der letzte macht das licht aus
3. Der widerstand lebt immer noch
4. First in line
5. Das leben rosa rot
6. Wer zu spät kommt
7. Tyranny Inc.
8. Strassensozialisten
9. Soziale revolution
10. Forever young
11. Wahre helden





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