Ahnenerbe /Blutschuld - Hessengau

Split-CD with 2 german bands that might seem unknown for many but they already made themselves a name in Germany via other projects. Music style from Ahnenerbe is metal/black metal in the same style as well-known band Absurd. Blutschuld plays more classic german RAC-rock. Totally 16 songs that give the listener a wide spectrum of music styles.


1. Feuerspruch
2. Ahnenerbe
3. Jugend voran
4. Krieg
5. Wehrwölfe
6. Taliban strikes back
7. König aus Slein
8. Wir wollen mehr
9. Blutschuld - intro
10. Kreta
11. Legion Condor
12. Deutscher soldat
13. Huminalen
14. Arroganter erlöser
15. Für einen Gefallenen
16. Demo Kreta(bonus)




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