Blood red eagle / Aggroknuckle - Aussie - Japanese friendship

Blood Red Eagle are featured with 6 songs, originally recorded around 2005 - 2007, but the band members are making a comeback with different projects and some of the previously unreleased material is coming out now.


Excellent heavy Aussie rock with some nordic influences and gruff vocals. Aggroknuckle aren't exactly a new band either and have been a constant fixture on the Japanese scene.



They have that heavy sound with touches of metal that a lot of the nationalist Japanese bands have, the so-called SSS sound.


This split album project took shape in the fall of 2012, when members of Aggroknuckle, Blood Red Eagle and the label met at a festival in Japan. The booklet contains photos from that festival, and also includes lyrics. Great artwork.




01. Of berserker blood  

02. Middle class fools  

03. The end is nigh  

04. Bloodlust  

05. A hero's thanks  

06. The war on everything




07. Manipulator 

08. I don't like you 

09. We stand alone  

10. Stand and fight  

11. Unshakable determination 

12. Fight against




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