Sorus ‎- Viimane Kuningas

Sorus came out with their debut album and now are they are back with a following up. Just as their countryman’s (Revalers,PWA) so are they playing a hard a rough version of RAC.

1. Intro (Rahu Ja Soda)     
2. Viimane Kuningas     
3. Kui Sa Seda Koike Tead     
4. Me Oleme Sorus     
5. Magede Haal     
6. Libahunt     
7. Pimedus Troonil     
8. Surmalaeu     
9. 1000 Ja Hingede Soda     
10. Odini Sodalased     

11. Voitlus Iseendaga    

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