Sokyra Peruna - Road to ATO Mediabook

Latest album from the pride of Ukraine Sokyra Peruna. They have over the years made a name of them selfs over all of Europe and this master pice will for sure not change that. Comes in a brilliant mediabook wehich also contains all lyrics in English.

01. Intro
02. Вершники Грому (Thunder Riders)
03. Богдане (Bohdan)
04. Дорога в АТО (Road to ATO)
05. Я син України (Son of Ukraine)
06. Навиліт (Right Through)
07. Лугандон (Luhandon)
08. Лютий птах (Violent bird)
09. Ріж та рубай (Cut and Slash)
10. З Варязьких лісів (From Variags forests)

11. Немає меж (No bounds)

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