Bilodub - INSIGHT (Sokyra Peruna)

Sokyra Peruna's frontman delivers us a solo album with "INSIGHT", which sets the bar very high in terms of quality. Mainstream rock music, produced in a bold manner, joins forces here with an impressively dark atmosphere. The e-guitars are powerful , the solos are very sophisticated and the acoustic guitars shine with a gentle sound. The drums, as well as the bass, push and drive everything nicely forward, while the many other sound elements only make you turn the control further to the right, fascinated. The orchestral sound has it such an infinitely emotional depth and at the same time such a force that one sometimes feels reminded of film music. Overall, the album impresses with an eerie playfulness, which always follows a clear line. The 5 songs with a playing time of a whopping 37 minutes, all in national language, come in a six-page digipak (+12 pages booklet, with all texts in English he language) therefore. However, the sometimes martial and at the same time very impressive appearance is not due to fantasy, but to reality. The singer, like many of his friends, is at war right now, fighting, gun in hand, for his country's freedom. This bombastic work is limited to 500 pieces, numbered, of course.

1. It snowed

2. Why...

3. A bird named nachtigall

4. Ain t no grave

5. Insight

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