Saga - Live & Kicking

For all of you that missed Midgårds Ian Stuart Memorial gig in 2000, here is your ticket!

Forget about old crappy live recordings where the sound really sucks. This gig was held to honor the memory of Ian Stuarts so we didn't hold back on anything... The recordings were made by a professional sound-team and result is the proof of that; fantastic and very professional. A worthy tribute to our generations biggest field artist...

1. Showdown
2. Patriot
3. Our Pride is Our Loyalty
4. Europe Awake
5. Our Time Will Come
6. Wasted Life
7. Gone With the Breeze
8. Freedom (What Freedom?)
9. Tomorrow Belongs to Me
10. Voice of Britain
11. Hail the New Dawn
12. After the Fire
13. Son of Britain

# Midgård

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