Division S - Hate

This is the follow up to their first classic album, Attack. Just as many of the american bands at the time, like Bound for Glory and Berserkr, they has grown and gotten both longer hair and a heavier, more complex sound. And in short the time was ready for the next ones to follow their path;Triskelon.


Unlike their debute album Attack, they've made most of the songs in english on this one. Through this record the band reached out to a whole new audience around the world


1. March of Hatred


2. The day


3. Light of lights


4. Endless pain


5. Forgive me


6. Vilse i pannkakan


7. Ukklavaek


8. My journey to the dead


9. Not a lovesong


10. A twisted tale of from the forest Faustenslay


11. Bitter end


12. Hypocrisy


13. A dark winters tale of a dark winters night







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