Vicious rumours - Farticus


The latest of the British bands of old to make a comeback. ""Farticus"" compiles new songs recorded in the U.S. in the early 2000s, as demos and tracks released as a split CD with The Generators. There are also two excellent quality live tracks recorded in Leipzig, Germany, and the band's first demo from 1983 with slightly primitive versions of ""This is your loife"", ""Soul patrol"" and ""Take the blame"". The newly recorded songs sound very good, somewhere between ""Anytime day or night"" and ""The sickest men"", but slightly rockier. The songs are, as expected, not too serious, rather tongue in cheek. The demo tracks are fun to listen to, with their different lyrics and stripped-down garage sound.

01. G.Y.K.D.

02. Here we go again 

03. Jack the lad 

04. Just one life 

05. NAG 

06. Old but not dead  

07. Smashed  

08. This is your life (live) 

09. Moose on the loose (live) 

10. Take the blame (demo 1983) 

11. Soul patrol (demo 1983) 


12. This is your life (demo 1983)



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