True notes - Speech is Golden Digi

The Boys of True Notes finished their first full length Album “Speech is Golden”.

The Band is playing a mix of Core and RAC. Hard sounds and lyrics that remind us of Old School Hardcore bands from the 90’s but with a modern twist.

The Album comes as a Digipak with a nice Artwork the fits perfect to the motto is the Album. While the Band addresses their concerns about today’s modern World,they also pack a lot of thoughts about the Past into their lyrics.  14 Tracks on 47 minutes that will rip the Duct Tape off your mouth and will let you speak the Truth!

1. Introduction

2. Welcome to Charlottes hell

3. Victoria nostra est

4. Fear the return

5. Omaha beach

6. Time to awake

7.Born free

8. If not us

9. Wenn aus freunden, brüder werden

10. I regret nothing

11. Breakdown

12. I am free

13. Speech is golden

14. Product of society

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