Better dead than red - The world needs a hero

The follow-up to the not so good debut album. This record can´t be compared to the first one in any way, they have actually replaced half the band. Fast and patriotic Oi! (Yeah, we know, a bit pathetic with the American patriotism) with influences from angry hardcore.


1. Hold The Line
2. I Stand Accused
3. 1916
4. The World Needs A Hero
5. Just Can't Last One More Day (2002 Mix)
6. Fire In Their Eyes
7. Our Hearts Belong To Our Land
8. We've Got Our Pride
9. Understand Your Man
10. Ruins Of Camelot
11. Hectic City
12. In Defense Of Our Home
13. Time Is Catching Up With Me
14. The Watchmen (Vanguard Mix)
15. The Heart That Never Dies
16. Never Surrender




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