Ultima ratio - Where is the man?


Very popular band from the fatherland (Germany) and when you listens to it you understand why they became so popular, this is good real good! This cd is from 2007 but its stand out even today.

Fast rock'n'roll that some times brings your thoughts to the American band Max resist in both sound and vocals. 11 tracks which most of them are sung in English. It all comes in a digi pack. This one should be in every serious collection.


01. Wanna Rock 

02. Kampf gegen Rechts 

03. Where is the Man 

04. Under the Influences 

05. We Were Young 

06. When the Shit Hits the Fan 

07. Von Hinten Fraktion 

08. Our Thoughts are with You 

09. 1000 Pints of Lager 

10. The First Day 

11. Für ihr Land 




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