Hunde des Krieges - Frontschweine (Division Germania)


New stuff from the guy behind Division Germania and of course can you hear that in the sounds but it’s also a little touch of dirty rock´n´roll ala Motörhead way! The name says it all of the cd´s theme,  everything revolves around the theme of war. From the icy fjords of Narvik to the hot plains of the Waterberg, from collecting the Germans under Hermann the Liberator, to the final battle for the capital of the Reich in the onslaught of the Red Army.

Don´t miss this one!!!


01. Wuot
02. Hunde des Krieges
03. Wo die steinernen Kreuze stehen
04. Safari!
05. Schar der Rache
06. Mut Ehre Loyalität
07. Feuer und Eis
08. Dran Drauf Drüber
09. Der Toten Wort
10. Défendre
11. So weit die Füße tragen




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