Anthrazit - Neuordnung des Denkens

"Imagine, there is more than you can imagine, what if only everything they told you were fictitious?" With this text passage, the second album begins and thus goes back to the basic tenor of the chosen lyrics. The focus is on the human being and his forgotten consciousness for himself. The dependence on imposed rules and dogmas and the life in a glass illusory world in which the best place is readily sought. A much-needed reorganization of our thinking is therefore not a question, but to be understood as an answer. For without a fundamental reformation of one's own consciousness, doom is inevitable.

Thoughtful and musically mature, the new album comes along and skillfully combines the features of the Kaleidoskop Mini-CD and the (R) Evolution album, without losing its originality. Eleven titles including an instrumental with a playing time of 45 minutes have finally managed to be pressed into shape. Anyone who knows anthracite knows that no standard program is offered here. Clear increase and therefore highly recommended!" Quote label

01. Neuordnung unseres Denkens
02. Regierung
03. Halt die Fresse
04. Glashaus
05. Funke
06. Schicksalsband
07. Instrumental
08. Geschichtenschreiber
09. Tinte & Papier
10. Dinge

11. Kali Yuga

Leveler Records

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