Pitbullfarm – Glory Hole Hallelujah Vinyl

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Released 2013 by Pretty Shitty Town Records

Tracks 1 + 12 Re-Recoarding

Tracks 5, 9 and 12 from the EP Welcome to Pussyville (2012)

Limited to 500 Copies

A1        Rubber Sexmachine

A2        United Pimps Of Pussyville

A3        Midnight Hour

A4        Happy Ending

A5        Switchblade Casanova

A6        Moscow

A7        Psycho Monkeys

B1        Calzone Beach

B2        Welcome To Pussyville

B3        Love After Death

B4        See You In Hell

B5        White Trash Gigolo

B6        Muumipeikon Kyrpä

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