Stormbringer - Hammer of the gods Vinyl (Bootleg)

This bootleg edition has a really ugly story behind it. Not just the usual wild-west bootleg story. First things first. Paul Burnley’s side-project Stormbringer was first released back in 98- by Midgård Records it was our second release and marked the start for a very productive year and future.

We made a deal two years (2020) ago with a vinyl producer and last year when the release day was coming closer started rumors to go that another guy was going to release the same album on vinyl in near future. He claimed that Paul Burnley had given him permission. If that´s the truth or not, we don´t know, if it´s true then it’s just an honest mistake by Paul.

The release day came and in the same week was two versions released which must have looked quite weird for one who didn´t have any back-story. Lucky enough so didn’t it take long before the name of the producer was coming out to the public. The man behind the release was well-known crook and police informer. Check out the picture with flyer that tells the story. When you have read that so is it obvious that he needed to work with other people to get the vinyl out on market. One of this persons was/is a guy that we have contact with and he had bought a larger amount of the bootleg vinyl’s from the crook. When the information about the man behind the release came out he contacted us, told his story, and said that he was sorry. We sorted it out and left it behind us. One week later came two boxes with bootleg vinyl’s from the same guy along with a letter with one more apologize.

Since we had sold a license to another producer so went those boxes directly to the storage and there have they been until today. Now a year late so do we believe that  it´s fair and square to start selling this bootleg version. With that said, we prefer if you buy the original edition first. We know that 4uVinyl still have that version in stock. We have chosen to sell this one cheaper so you can buy the original version too.

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