Landser in English (Double vinyl)

First, we are sorry about the high price level. We bought this one for almost the tripple amount comparerd to a regular vinyl. Very few in stock. When sold out it is sold out and will not be back in stock.

A1 Intro Live 4/20/03

A2 Landser

A3 German Wrath

A4 Africa

A5 Friedrich The Great

A6 Aryan Child

A7 Freedom

B1 Portland

B2 Ian Stuart

B3 Middle Of Europe

B4 Pack

B5 In The Ass

B6 Rebel

B7 Terrorist With A Guitar

C1 Rudolf Hess

C2 Retribution

C3 Sturmfuehrer

C4 Northland (English)

C5 The Reich Comes Again

C6 Nordland (Germa

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