Werde Aktiv (dvd + cd)

Werde Aktiv which translates to Be Active is a dvd and cd combo encouraging political activism. On the dvd there is an intro as well as footage from the Fest der Völker 2007, demo footage, a conversation with Frank Rennick and more. It is all in German so if you don`t speak German you will not understand it but none the less this has a powerful visual aesthetic.


The cd contains 14 songs from Asynia, Jürgen V., Barny + Max, Soko 18, Ausnahmezustand, P.A.K, MQP, Full of Hate, System Infarkt, Burning Hate and Projekt 14. Comes in a dvd box.



1     –Asynja     Green Fields Of France    
2     –Jürgen V.     Ein Junges Volk Steht Auf   
3     –Jürgen V.     Die Jugend    
4     –Barny (7) & Max (181)     Als Vater Starb   
5     –Soko 18     Alter Mann    
6     –Ausnahmezustand (2)     Geboren In Deutschland    
7     –P.A.K.*     Freiheit    
8     –Mas Que Palabras     Mas Que Palabras    
9     –Mas Que Palabras     No Me Apatran    
10     –Full of Hate     Freiheit    
11     –System Infarkt     Kranke Welt    
12     –System Infarkt     Usa    
13     –Burning Hate     Is This The End Of Our Days    
14     –Projekt 14     Mitten In Europa

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