Code 291 - Demos & Covers DVD-case + t-shirt

Limited edition of 77pcs. Includes t-shirt (printed on demand) and Demos & Covers in slim-dvd-case edition with a different disc design. This case and this t-shirt will only be sold in this package.

So, it´s time for another Midgård release! It is Midgård CD 88, and it is no coincidence that its Jocke and the lads in Code 291 that gets this symbolic number.

In the beginning it was thought to be a mini cd to support some Corona restless musicians, but the songs got so good, and some alternative versions of some Code songs were found, and it was a full cd :)

If you previously have been disappointed with albums including the word Demos, we can guarantee you it won´t be the case this time - the class of the demo tracks are album high. Combined with a bunch of killer covers, it makes this album a modern classic!

1. Det var i Sverige *
2. Pehrssons kompani *
3. Vad fan rör det mig *
4. Frivillig soldat *
5. Demokratisk deja vu *
6. Anti Antifa **
7. Troops of glory *
8. Patriot **
9. Stand up and fight *
10. Till Strid **
11. The new plague *
12. Vi byggde Sverige **
13. Broken illusions **
14. Fristadens barn 2020 *

* 2020
** Demo 2017
* Promo 2017 (Hymner från Hasses källare)

# Midgård

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