Ultima Thule - Sverige (digi)

Attention!!! Digipack version of Ultima Thules popular album Sverige Attention!!!


It's not for nothing that the record Sverige is considered to be maybe the best of all Ultima Thule's productions. Their well thought and powerful texts have become Thules trademark, and they are at their very best on this album! Hels female vocalists have joined them and splendor a few track with their presence... Wikingrock at it's very best!



1. Portarna till Hel 

2. I fäders spår

3. Vi sålde våra hemman

4. En för alla

5. Kornett Peter Kulfeldt

6. Res dig upp

7. Gleipner

8. One eye open

9. Folkhem

10. Sista brevet hem

11. Sörjd och saknad

12. Runestone



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