Storm - 30 years anniversary box

Storm 30 years: single 1: Dikt & förbannad lögn (in English: Poem & cursed lie)

We've received many requests over the years, but it's actually one question we've received more times than others: When are you going to release something with Storm?

With a dose of luck and a dose of hard work, we can finally celebrate Storm's 30 years as a band with a great start:Dikt & förbannad lögn. Here's a quote from the title track:

"One-party elections you call "freedom of choice"

Totalitarian state control is "democracy"

Murder, terror and Gulag a bitter reality

Everyone can see where it's going but not you"

Heavy lyrics, in a music that so many of you recognize and love. It's words and no songs when Storm pulls out - just like so many times before!

Delivered in an exclusive eco-pack that includes the texts.

1. Poem & cursed lie

2. It's war


Storm's 30th anniversary box will contain five singles, all limited and made in exclusive ecopacks. All five are also parts of a rebus.

The wooden box is limited to 500 copies and will not be released again. It is engraved and contains, in addition to the track list of all 5 singles:

     -A morph with Storm's logo

     -Two different laser cut stickers of higher quality

     -A Storm fabric brand

     -These different products are only sold in this limited box

In this anniversary box, the 5 different singles will be released over time. You can choose between buying only the anniversary box, the box with all the releases made so far, or the box together with all 5 singles. As soon as we release a single, we will mail it to you until your box is complete with all 5 singles.

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