Pluton Svea - Segermarschen

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The last release from the extremly popular Pluton Svea! And this is by many people their best release ever... On this album they deliever an impressive collection of songs that all spread a radical message and a call to help our nations. All this in an album that includes both Pluton Svea's classic rock sound as well as fine tuned ballads...


The record finnishes off with an emotional cover on Landsers R. Hess where they superbly have translated the lyrics to swedish, and yes, it is Sagas wonderfull voice in the background...


1. Revolution Starta
2. Mongoloids
3. Segermarschen
4. Sverige åter!
5. As The Bullets Start To Fly
6. Vatten Av Vin
7. Titanen
8. When The Lies Begin To Crumble
9. Den Evige
10. Wiking
11. Rudolf Hess



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