Pitbullfarm - Too old to die young (First edition)

Many of you probably thought that when Jocke Karlsson decided to split up Pluton Svea and start an unpolitical band like Pitbullfarm, that he made it known to be famous? But, and it's quite big though.

Pitbullfarm has been in the opposite direction after thier first album. And over the course, which has evolved in the form of both embraced new and alienated some former audiences. As their fame has grown, their lyrics have become increasingly political.

They are generally considered to be the very first and the pioneers of RAC-a-Billy.

And how do a band such as Pitbullfarm put an end to it in the best way?
Going out with a bang of cource!

You will find old hits re-recorded. Add to that some new Skrewdriver covers, and as the icing on the cake; a Pluton Svea cover with a Pitbullfarm twist!

One last goodbye from Pitbullfarm.


Release year: 2017


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