No Agony - Thru years of glory and struggle

Swedish kult band that existed in the late 80's. This record was supposed to come on vinyl in the end of the 80's but did not come until now...almost +20 years later on CD. Simple, straight and punky with patriotic lyrics. Some songs have leaked out thrue the years(on swedish compilation Skinheadlegion for example). Many are those who have asked about the band and if they had more songs recorded...yes they had! And you find them on this CD!

1. Boots and braces
2. They have no future
3. Race & nation
4. The new r.
5. White revolt
6. Cockroach
7. Listen to myself
8. Världens mörker
9. Boys from nowhere
10. Use your time
11. A real friend
12. I dont trust you
13. World of coldness
14. A sick society
15. Morgondagen tillhör oss
16. Save our nation
17. Vi hissar fanan
18. Vi är stolta
19. Princess
20. Evil

+ demos
21. Vikings from the north
22. Believe their lies
23. Europe awake
24. Working class pride
25. För vår sak
26. Save the nation
27. Ett renare sverige


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