Hel - Valkyriors dom

Hels debute album that were a big success and became very popular among swedish patriots. The band is a bit different from other wikingrocksband since they got 2 female lead singers, but you can hear that the band is based on members of the old, and put to rest, band Völunds smed...


Very popular even though they piss their fans in the face every now and then by telling the public that they don't want anything to do with them!

1. Valkyriors dom
2. Eldsjäl
3. Förfall
4. Själaro
5. Gudars lag
6. Hels rike
7. Mörker
8. Den feges lögn
9. Häxjakt
10. Varg
11. Mälare strand
12. Is

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