Ferox - Vårt svenska lynne (us-import)

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After making themself a name thrue playing alot live both in sweden and outside sweden they now release their first album. Little bit different then the average CD in our genren, mainly cause they use some odd instruments that not usually is heard on a CD we sell. You could say its a follow-up album on the Svensk Ungdom(Swedish Youth) CDs that came some years ago. But little bit more interesting musically speaking cause of the new instruments used. But without reaching the top quality lyrics that made the Svensk Ungdom CDs popular.


1. Vandrarens visa

2. Farewell White Woman

3. God afton, Herr Minister

4. En sång till Far

5. Hey little friend

6. Det sjunde inseglet

7. Det var i Sverige

8. Another mans cause

9. Ballad om en bortglömd hjälte

10. Från fader till son

11. En sång ifrån ditt hjärta

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