Furia belica - Militantes da intolerancia

Brazilian RAC on the obscure Freivolk record label of which all releases are extremely hard to get. Furia Bélica combines influences of both the classic Brazilian skinhead bands with that very recognizable sound, and contemporary RAC bringing in the harder, more aggressive influences as well as the heavier guitars, without going really metal though. While they're not a bad band, their sound is a bit monotonous and the album could have done with some more variation.


01. Pulverize o zog

02. Racialista

03. Geracao do ódio

04. Liberdade de censura

05. Genocidio

06. Militante da intoleráncia

07. Serpentes de siáo

08. Pena de morte

09. A nova desordem mundial

10. Tempos de vinganca

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