Frakass - Láppel des dieux

Frakass continue on the path of their last albums: power-metal with double bass drum and catchy guitar riffs, but with clear vocals, no grunts. This album is however more varied than before: some songs are outright metal, while others have more of an old-school RAC influence and others still are grasping rock ballads. All perfectly executed, a crisp-clear recording and powerful. Excellent in its genre. Nice glossy, big, celtic-themed booklet with all lyrics.


01. Wandervogel

02. Volonté de puissance

03. POW

04. L'appel des dieux

05. Freidenker

06. De l'ombre a la lumiere

07. Pour la France et L'Europe

08. Aux armes!

09. Liés pour 1000 ans

10. Siegfried

11. Solstice d'hiver




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