Berserk - Cries of blood and hate

3rd full-CD and probably their best so far! Recorded in Artica Studio and mixed and mastered by no one less then Børge Finstad i Toproom Studio (Borknagar, Mayhem, Vintersorg, Arcturus)! Berserk plays melodic Viking/Black metal of the finest kind and have got very nice words about their album in the BM-press:

Bl.a Blackdawn 9/10
"Black Metal with a touch of pagans, highly recommended for all that that enjoys this sort, that is to the height of another group at European level. I believe that it could say that this "Cries of Blood and Hate" is the best pagan material than I have heard lately..."


1. Wooden Words
2. Treason in the Clan
3. Cries of Blood and Hate
4. Opening the Circle 
5. Oretania
6. With Tooth and Nails
7. Monolith
8. Wound of Death







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