Übermensch - Weltanschauung

The album "Weltanschauung" is based on the musical and lyric pedestal, the 2013 released album "Das ewige Tier" by Global Infected. With the kind permission of Opos Records, the work (unfortunately much too rarely heard) could be freed from its deep sinking - and packaged in a new tone-technical garb. Übermensch would not exist without Global Infected, so after six years of deep sleep, it was obvious that this work would once again be presented to a wider audience. Musically, the whole thing is a bit brute and Metalcorelastiger, as the new main album "Naturgewalt". As a small icing on the cake you could also bring the friends of Feindnah into the boat, which recite the song "Das ewige Tier – Part II". Overall, a musical and textual spear fire awaits you in a raging sound robe.

01. Impuls II
02. The Age Of Globalisation
03. Identität
04. Südlich des Brenners
05. Unvergessen
06. Das ewige Tier - Part I
07. Das ewige Tier - Part II
08. Control The Masses
09. Reinigung des Geistes
10. Gesetz der Vergeltung
11. Lichtwerdung

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