Smart Violence - Herkunft & Identität

Hard and rough skinhead rock from Germany, their first proper full length after their "Hard hitting skinhead rock" demo CD from 2013. A mix of Oi! and RAC soundwise and even some punk and metal, but hard hitting is a constant in their sound. Their lyrics deal with the skinhead way of life, left wing poseurs, heritage and street-level politics without going into extremes. 14 tracks, 3 of which are in English.


01. Intro  

02. Unser kampf 

03. Wir sind die straße  

04. Tiefschwarzer humor  

05. Gonna die  

06. Skinheads 

07. Erwache  

08. Herkunft und identität  

09. I don't need 

10. Gekreuzigt  

11. Verräter der arbeiterklasse 

12. Schild und schwert  

13. R.I.P. - Disco nightmare




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