Ruhrfront - Das sals in euren Wunden (Sturmwehr)

Really nice Sturmwehr project! This is the following-up cd to their popular debut “Im Auge der Justiz”, they continues where they left off last time 100% Sturmwehr rock´n´roll with two different singers on some tracks which makes the cd more interesting.


A tip is to check this one out and olse their debut cd and the last one that came last year which goes under the name ”Wir rebellieren”, of course you find them all in our catalog. 


01. Die Schwingen des Adlers 

02. Das Salz in euren Wunden 

03. Für immer

04. Zwei, null, null, acht 

05. Selbstbestimmung 

06. An hochgeweihtem Orte 

07. Oranje! 

08. Rabenschwarzer Tag 

09. We must stand together 

10. Der zweite Streich 




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