Richtlinie - Freiheitskämpfer

 "They still exist! Very young musicians who have their hearts in the right place! Richtlinie is a "one-man band" from the south of the empire. The just 18-year-old presents us with a total of 9 own songs including intro and outro on his debut work. Very often sluggish but sometimes with pressure, the whole thing comes out of the boxes with a total playing time of almost 43 minutes. People who have already heard the songs made a comparison to another band and their early years, but listen and judge for yourself. In any case, I'm curious to see what else the young gentlemen will come up with in the years to come." - quote label

1. Intro

2. Es kommt der Tag

3. Die Wende bist du

4. Ahnenlied

5. Freiheitskämpfer

6. Lasst euch nur noch ein bisschen Zeit

7. Schwarz-Weiß-Rot

8. Wind der Freiheit

9. Outro

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