Quadriga - Die preussen kommen (Digi)

Here we have something really interesting, in a way, this is the continuation Spreegeschwader but with Patrick from the Frozen Abyss on vocals. Much guitars, much melodies, pattering drums and a powerful voice on the song, is there anything more you could want? A fat 16-page booklet that holds the same high quality as CD. As a parenthesis facts are the three english tracks written by Stigger himself.

This is the digipack version made in 500x, we also have it in a regular version.


01. Die Preussen kommen
02. Der tag an dem du starbst
03. Speak to the sky
04. Die trommel
05. Auf verlorenem posten
06. Ruf an die flamme
07. Here comes the pain
08. Niemals allein
09. Volksgemeinschaft
10. Moderne inquisition
11. Battle scarred
12. Wir bau´n das reich




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