Pionier - Rattefänger

Debut album from this promising German band. It´s out on PC records which indicates that it´s a good production. They have taken the best from the old school RAC sound and mixed it with the more modern RAC sound in a very intelligent way. Fast tracks mixed with more calm, raw vocals mixed with clear vocals with other more a really good width. We really hope to see more from this guys because it´s good, really good!


01. Einklang
02. Generation 2015
03. Stark und fest
04. I believe
05. Legionär
06. Proklamation
07. F:B
08. Change the world
09. Rattenfänger
10. Tief in mir
11. Neue jugend
12. Im sturm auf Berlin
13. Unser dasein
14. We are the law

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