Heureka - Arisches Ethos Digi

Wiesel has struck again and he is slowly becoming one of the busiest musicians on the scene. As a talented artist, his focus is of course on the complete work and you can feel this every second on this almost one hour album. Heureka stand on an ideological foundation and yet continue to move on philosophical paths, which at times may seem unusual and controversial. However, the lyrics develop a force and force that is only known from a few such albums. This may sound like a bit heavy fare at first, but on the contrary. "Arisches Ethos" captivates with hymn-like melodies, great chants and a remarkable musicality. Edgy, aggressive and yet catchy / rousing, songs with a catchy character are created, which form an acoustically natural unit. In contrast to some of today's usual productions, nothing was mastered to death here and the dynamism that has been preserved allows the music to retain its healthy liveliness. The great production is rounded off by a BOLD digipak! Whoever liked the last Eureka will have to grab it here and everyone else is advised to risk an ear, it's worth it!

1. Arisches ethos

2. Altes kampfgeschlecht

3. Legt die fessel AB

4. Gleichhheit

5. Der knecht ehrt

6. Reformation

7. Der verfall

8. Bestimmung

9. Bestimmung

10. Der letzte widerhall

11. Schwäche bringt tod

12. In gedenken

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