Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten - Mediokratie (Gigipack)

GIGI is back!!! Back with a BANG!!! 9 tracks of awesome rock that just the Braunen Stadtmusikanten can play with lyrics that are full of disgust and satire of the German system. This mini-cd comes in two version, this "Gigipack" or the regular version and  of course you will find both at Midgård.



01. Im Braunen Sumpf

02. Hey Anette (M.I.L.F.)

03. Ach Ist Es Gut

04. Idiotenclub

05. Land Der Alten Amsivaren

06. Khan Ackhar

07. Mediokratie

08. Halbinder-Ballade

09. Ein Bißchen Schischi


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