Fylgien - Seelenerwachen Woodbox

Here you get the collector's box of the new disc, limited to 250 pieces! In addition to the CD, this also contains an exclusive Fylgien flag and the certificate of limitation. The wooden box is printed in two colors on both sides! Only while supplies last!

For many years, Fylgien has tirelessly traveled through the country and has opened

countless ballad evenings for motivation, joy and also one or the other thoughtful moment. To celebrate his 20th anniversary, he is now presenting us with “Seelenerwachen”, his brand new studio album, packed with 14 songs and a full 77 minutes of playing time. Thematically, he embarks on a broad journey through our past, our present and he paints a bleak picture of our reality in the middle of Europe. But Fylgien wouldn't be Fylgien if he didn't always bring out the textual steam hammer in addition to the melancholic songs. Consolidated ideologically, looking hopefully into the future, combative and with concentrated power, he musically goes into battle against the world enemy and his bailiffs!

And if he gives a sympathetic look at his own youth days with a wink, then the older ones in particular will certainly recognize themselves in it. Fylgien's distinctive voice, the catchy melodies and the many small musical accents merge into a harmonious and varied work!

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