Division Germania - Antagonist

Hard german RAC-rock with a very strong Voice. Many people say, it's a mix of the bands Stahlgewitter and Freikorps. The lyrics are very good (straight in the face!). One Member of Stahlgewitter stayed with the band in studio. You can hear it. Includes a BFG Cover in german and a good designed Booklet.

01. Gerechtigkeit

02. Wächter Deutschlands

03. Ewiger Kreis

04. God Save The King (Motörhead cover)

05. Schänder

06. Die Wahren Volkszertreter

07. Junkie

08. Deutschland

09. Gott Unserer Horden

10. Division Germania

11. Heimkehr (Bound For Glory cover)

12. Widerstand

13. Niederrhein Tyrannen

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