Der Kahlkopf Metzger - Held aus Eichenholz

Here do we have something that for sure will take veterans on a walk down the memory lane, the singer from the first two Kahlkopf albums is back with a mic in his hands!

The cover says a lot about the content. Raw, brutal and relentlessly honest. Lutz has once again proved that he is capable of it. Musically up to date but with a old school touch. Check out the sample.

01. Meine Wut
02. Rebellen ohne Zähne
03. Alte Krieger
04. Ich wünsch dir
05. Ich war dabei!
06. Hier kommt der Wolf
07. Held aus Eichenholz
08. MBA
09. Brigade 8
10. Subkultur

11. Trinker an der Theke

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