D.S.T. - Fünfundzwanzig - Gigantopack

Published by GKS33 / Frontmusik. Goodbye cuddly skirt, now it's getting loud. The Berlin hardliners from D.S.T. celebrate 25th anniversary and we celebrate with. For me as a humble producer, it is time to pause and review the past 25 years. I still remember meeting the Doctor Sommer team at a party in 1995. I can still remember an anecdote warmly. A nationally known and feared violent perpetrator provoked a band member with the statement: "Aha, so you come from Berlin. Very tough guys. Did you ever have to do it yourself". The answer that came out of the gun: "the last one we had stress with is now participating in the Paralympics" totally freaked me out at that time and I was in danger of being punished by the perpetrator. I cannot forget this tragic-comic situation until today and was the beginning of a long friendship. A lot has happened over the 25 years. You drank a lot of glass, experienced many concerts together and also court cases. Not only was there sunshine, the boys from Berlin stayed true to their path despite all the repression and reprisals. That deserves absolute recognition. So on our part, sincere greetings to the RHS and see you soon. The men deliver a nearly 70-minute RAC / metal fireworks display that will make you dizzy. The usual 13 titles deal with current and historical topics in the well-known bitterly evil way. Since all recordings in the life history of this chapel, with the exception of the participation in the (large) Berlin Ensemble, are indexed or confiscated, this time two independent lawyers took care that this birthday CD did not suffer the same fate. Still prefer to strike while it's still possible. As a special icing on the cake for this birthday, the sound smithy publishes a gigantic pack with a second CD on it. On this CD, friend bands gave themselves the fun and interpreted their favorite and of course not indicated songs of the band in their own way. So there is almost 150 minutes of hellish noise and poison in the ears on this gigantopak. ;) In particular, Blue Eyed Devils, Flak, Oath of Loyalty, Uwocaust, Atropin, Command of Conscience, Spreegeschwader, Legion of Thor, Emssturm, Helle and the RACer, Sturmkommando and Voice of Retribution honor each other. For me it is definitely a must for every collection. CD I 01. Mein Kampf 02. Wendehälse 03. Ein Letztes Mal 04. Berlin Trägt Kippa 05. Es Ziehen Die Söhne Los 06. J.u.d.E. (Jugend Unter Deutschem Ehrenbanner) 07. Wehret Den Anfängen 08. Schwarzer Winter 09. Die Geburt Einer Nation 10. O Deutschland 11. Früher, Volk und Vaterland 12. Social Media Smombies 13. Endabrechnung CD II 01. Blue Eyed Devils - Fight 02. Uwocaust & Die Söhne Potsdams - No Go Area 03. Treueschwur - Vater Und Sohn 04. Legion Of Thor - Niemnals Wie Wir 05. Helle Und Die RAC'er - Die Antwort Aufs System 06. Sturmkommando - Verräter 07. Flak - Hammer Oder Amboss (feat. Häretiker) 08. Befehl des Gewissens - Die Anderen 09. Emssturm - Gift Für Die Ohren 10. Spreegeschwader - Wut, Zorn Und Hass 11. Stimme Der Vergeltung - Dein Inneres Bild 12. Blue Eyed Devils - Blackwater (feat. PhalanX) 13. Atropin - 17.06.1953 14. Befehl des Gewissens - Stasi 15. Treueschwur - Jetzt Erst Recht 16. Sturmkommando - Nicht Wie Wir 17. Legion Of Thor - Deutscher

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